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Zwirko & Ortmann Architects’ approach to the field of architecture is the atelier or “design studio.” This environment in which the client and the architectural design team come together becomes a touchstone for looking at the project in terms of history, the art of architecture, and the unique collaboration of client and architect.

ZO Details Firmly rooted in the Eastern Long Island area for over 25 years, Zwirko & Ortmann draws on over a half a century of experience as students of Alfred A. Scheffer. The firm’s architecture is characterized by historical consciousness as seen with their community involvement in historic homes and the Amagansett Historical Society. This historic consciousness reflects sensitivity to the context of the community but does not limit their design vocabulary, well versed in all periods and styles, be it modern or traditional. This approach to context also applies to versatility in scale from monumental homes to complex business programs to pristine renovations.

The common thread that runs through each project from the largest to very modest is the attention to detail. This discipline comes from a love of, and respect for, architecture’s ability to affect how we experience our world and stimulate the senses. The multi-discipline nature of architecture allows the architect to see not only details, but also the big picture and look for creative opportunities. Opportunities that come from the collaboration of architect and client.

A full-service firm offering architectural and interior design, personalized service is a trademark of Zwirko & Ortmann Architects.. From preliminary design and site analysis to the administrative services, Zwirko & Ortmann will help you meet your budget and scheduling requirements. The strength of their relationships with clients is reflected not only in the success of their projects, but in the return of clients.

Forward thinking with a respect for the past; Zwirko & Ortmann Architects preserving the East End.

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Gregory W. Zwirko, AIA, received his Bachelor of Science of Architecture from The New York Institute of Technology in 1967 and his Bachelor of Architecture from Kent State University in 1969. That year he moved to East Hampton and started working with his uncle, Alfred A. Scheffer. As Mr Scheffer’s Associate, Greg worked with him until Alfred’s passing in 1976. Greg is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Amagansett Historical Association and is also a member of the AIA-Peconic Chapter Planning Committee.

Robert W. Ortmann, AIA, received his Bachelor of Architecture from The New York Institute of Technology in 1978. After a two-year apprenticeship working for the State of New York, Office of General Services, Design, and Construction Group in Albany, he moved to East Hampton and joined Mr. Zwirko in 1980. Mr. Ortmann is a Registered Architect-State of New York and is currently a member of the Contractors Licensing Review Board of the Town of East Hampton. He has been involved with AIA Peconic since its inception as a Section, was former Section President and is currently Chairman of the AIA Peconic Golf Committee.
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